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P2 Maths Edublog

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Hi, pupils.

It will be 2010 soon. Happy New Year and may all of you have a fruitful year ahead.

The P2 Maths Edublog for 2010 is now ready. You can visit the P2 Maths Edublog @

Happy New Year once again and see you in school next year.


Hi, pupils.

In Primary 2, you are going to learn about mass and length again. You will use standard units like cm or m (for length) and kg or g (for mass).

Let's practice using the standard units using the Web Resources:

(1) Easy Centimeter @ Fun Brain

(2) Perfect Postage

(3) Alien Cookbook


Hi, pupils.

You will learn Model Drawing in Primary 2. Do watch the Thinking Block animation so that you will have some idea on what model drawing is all about.


Hi, pupils.

The UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) conference is currently held in Copenhagen (capital of Denmark).Demark is part of Europe During the meeting, representatives from the various countries will discucss ways to protect the environment.

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Do you want to know more about climate change ? You can visit the EPA Cliumate Change. Remember we too can make a difference and must do our part to save the environment.


Hi, pupils.

You will be learning fraction in Primary 2. You can learn fraction using the following Web Resources:

(1) BBC Revision
(2) Fraction - A Booster Activity (Choose Level 1 to Level 4)


To be a good addition and subtraction "master", you must first be an expert in addition and subtraction of small numbers .

Try the following addition and subtraction practices. You must aim to be fast and accurate.

(1) Leon's Maths Dojo Game (Choose 1 digit Addition and Subtraction)

(2) Maths Popper

(3) Subtraction Fun @ Punny Pet Shop